Electricity Trading at EXAA

Electricity Spot Market

The individual 24 hours of the day as well as a number of block products are tradable on EXAA. Physical settlement of trades can be done in the Austrian control area APG or in of the four German control zones (Amprion, TenneT, TransnetBW or 50Hertz). At the auction, the bids for all five control zones are matched and the common prices are determined.

Integrated Clearing Concept

The reliable and guaranteed financial fulfilment of trades is one of the most important arguments for trading through an exchange. After the close of trading, the data is sent to Oesterreichische Kontrollbank, which then prepares the billing and the credits for all trading members, and settles and clears the financial transactions. No further clearing fees are charged apart from the EXAA transaction fees.

Europe-wide Reference Prices at 10:15

The early time of the auction on EXAA makes it possible for traders to gain important initial guidance on the prices for the further course of the trading day. The price trend indicated is of great significance especially for individual hours, because this information is hard to derive from the OTC market. EXAA members also obtain an important indication on market trends for block products, as it is the first spot auction in Europe.