EXAA Trading API

The EXAA Trading API is a web-based "state of the art" software solution that offers additional access to the EXAA trading system smart.Xtrade via an Application Programming Interface (API).

The interface allows the automation of existing day-ahead trading functionalities, both for the Classic Auction at 10:15 and for the Market Coupling Auction at 12:00  and thus offers an efficient integration of our trading system with existing IT systems of our trading participants.

The interface will be made available to our trading participants without any additional cost

The advantages of the EXAA Trading API:

  • Automatic interface of your existing IT systems with the EXAA trading system
  • This leads to increased efficiency and optimisation of the existing day-ahead trading processes
  • Possibility to automat your trading and thus efficient utilisation of market opportunities
  • Reduction of error sources due to the reduction of manual processes
  • Usage of automated trade functionalities for Order & Results Management instead
  • "State of the Art" software solution based on a RESTful API

The path to the EXAA Trading API:

If you are interested in the EXAA Trading API, we will be happy to send you all the necessary documents.

Please contact us using:

+43 1 2537272-90