EXAA is the first European Energy Exchange which launched trading power, exclusively from renewable water energy resources, in an additional market in December 2012.

After a year of high-level consultations with different market participants, a concept has been developed that offers the opportunity for exchange trading of green power and which integrates well with the existing day-ahead spot market (this segment offers a trading platform which is independent of the feed-in tarifs defined by the German “EEG” or the Austrian “Ökostromgesetz”). The segment combines the best elements of bilateral trading based on guarantees of origin, and those of electricity trading coupled with physical delivery.

  • First Energy Exchange for trading green power in Europe
  • Daily spot auction
  • Proof that EXAA’s GreenPower exclusively originates from renewable energy sources, thus verified by the well-established European Guarantee of Origin (GoO) Standard EECS
  • Pool of regularly published and updated supplier facilities


All companies interested to start trading on the GreenPower market can apply for a 1-year “free trial” membership.

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