Technical Requirements

The technical installations required by the participants are minimal. For linking up to the trading system, participants only need a standard PC and a connection to the Internet. The trading system is accessed via the EXAA website "Login trading system".

As a minimum requirement, an Internet Browser is recommended i.e.:

  • Microsoft Explorer Version 5.0+ or
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5.0+

There are no additional software or license fees for EXAA exchange trading.
The keyfob required for authorizing the access of exchange traders to the trading system (= generator for the trader-specific random code) is sent to the trader by EXAA.

The advantages of this type of access via the Internet are:

  • Fast, uncomplicated link irrespective of location
  • Low costs
  • No need to set up an exchange-specific infrastructure on the side of the trading participants
  • Secure and reliable communication through the latest data encryption standards and the authorization via PIN
  • High-performance Internet connection

The submittal of bids for the daily auction can be done by sending Excel sheets or manually by direct entry into the trading system. A download function permits the electronic acceptance of the confirmed trades and makes it possible to process these in Excel.

After the close of trading, each participant is sent a trade confirmation per e-mail for all trades executed.