Technical Requirements

The technical installations required by the participants are minimal. For linking up to the trading system, participants only need a standard PC and a connection to the Internet. The trading system is accessed via the EXAA website "Login trading system".

As a minimum requirement, an Internet Browser is recommended i.e.:

  • Microsoft Explorer Version 5.0+ or
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5.0+

There are no additional software or license fees for EXAA exchange trading.
The keyfob required for authorizing the access of exchange traders to the trading system (= generator for the trader-specific random code) is sent to the trader by EXAA.

The advantages of this type of access via the Internet are:

  • Fast, uncomplicated link irrespective of location
  • Low costs
  • No need to set up an exchange-specific infrastructure on the side of the trading participants
  • Secure and reliable communication through the latest data encryption standards and the authorization via PIN
  • High-performance Internet connection

The submittal of bids for the daily auction can be done by sending Excel sheets or manually by direct entry into the trading system. An download function permits the electronic acceptance of the confirmed trades and makes it possible to process these in Excel.

After the close of trading, each participant is sent a trade confirmation per e-mail for all trades executed.