EXAA Trader's Diploma

A detailed course about the trading at the EXAA Spot Market for electricity products, concluded with the Exam for obtaining a license for trading electricity products. Passing this exam is a pre-requirement for being able to actively participate in the trading.

Content and duration

  • Austrian market modell
  • Participation rules for EXAA Spot
  • Trading rules for EXAA Spot
  • Trading operation
  • Auction and price-building
  • Online presentation of the trading platform
  • Clearing and Risk Management
  • Duration: 7 hours (incl. exam)
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Registration form (PDF)

1-day EXAA Spot market training course in Vienna, includes materials and catering per participant 500 EUR
1-day Inhouse-Trader exam at the company HQ of the customer, includes materials per company
(for an unlimited number of employees)
2.000 EUR
excl. travel expenses of the trainer
Exam fee, includes the certificate (necessary requirement for admission to EXAA trading) per examinee 200 EUR


Interested in participating?
Please use the registration form or contact the EXAA Market Operations team directly.

E-Mail: markets@exaa.at

Phone: +43 1 253 72 72 90

Fax: +43 1 253 72 72 96

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