SDAC Partial Decoupling on the 10 of May

11 May 2022: The Market Coupling Steering Committee (MCSC) initiated an in-depth investigation of the partial decoupling on the 10 of May

During the market coupling process on 10 May a technical issue was experienced that led to a
partial decoupling.
• Country/Bidding zone decoupled from a market point of view from SDAC: Slovakia
• Order book decoupled from the SDAC process: OKTE
The following interconnectors were decoupled from SDAC: CZ-SK, SK-HU, DE_50Hz-PL/CZ,
PL-DE_50Hz/CZ/SK, CZ-DE_50Hz, CZ-PL, SK-PL, DE_50Hz-PL


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SDAC Partial Decoupling on the 10 of May

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