Your Access to Day Ahead Market

since 2 July 2019 also at 12:00 at Market Coupling

Market Areas: AT and DE

Standard Day Ahead contracts and physical settlement of futures contracts

 Unchanged low membership fee

Direct Clearing and and Demand-Oriented Risk Management

Trade Limits Calculation based on the 10:15 MCPs

Transaction fees as cheap as never before: 3,5 cent/MWh incl clearing

As a NEMO (Nominated Electricity Market Operator) appointed by the Austrian regulatory authority E-Control, EXAA also enables its members to participate in the Europe-wide spot auction of all power exchanges coordinated in the MRC (Multi Regional Coupling) at 12:00 noon since July 2, 2019, via its proven trading and clearing system - without additional participation fees and for all control areas in Germany and Austria. The established EXAA 10:15 a.m. auction for quarter-hours, hourly and block products will of course continue to exist independently of this.

For EXAA trading participants, this means that they can now place bids for the cross-border "European" 12:00 Day Ahead Market Coupling Auction in addition to the classic morning auction at 10:15 in the EXAA trading system. The financial settlement for both auctions will of course take place in a joint clearing process.

The recognized service quality and the highly efficient and demand-oriented clearing of EXAA can thus soon also be used in the 12:00 Market Coupling Auction for the bidding zones Austria and Germany - and at very attractive transaction fees (as usual, including clearing fees), which will be published shortly before the market launch.

12:00 Day Ahead Market Coupling Trades for 3,5 cent/MWh as of 2 July 2019 

Detailed fees overview: HERE

Why trade with EXAA

Four times a day more for your money

EXAAs fee structure is already highly attractive and competitive for 12:00 trading alone. Membership also includes the unique morning auction at 10:15 for portfolio optimisation and day-ahead management of the quarter-hour products.

 All inclusive

For the bidding zones Austria and Germany all necessary trading accounts for 12:00 Auction and for the 10:15 Auction also for spread bids and green power trading without additional fees are included in the membership. Our fees do not need to hide.

Highly secure and efficient financial transaction

Collateral management demonstrates the efficiency of a marketplace. Smart concepts enable the highest possible payment security without excessive margin requirements. Simple and direct processes keep the operative effort and costs low. Benefit from EXAA's Direct Clearing, which enables netting of collateral positions from the 10:15 and 12:00 auctions. The calculation of the trade limits in the 12:00 auction is based on the market clearing prices of the 10:15 auction. This means that the need for funds to provide collateral for certain trading volumes at EXAA will be lower than at competitors who orient themselves to theoretical extreme prices.