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"One-Stop-Shop" for your Day Ahead spot trading

EXAA currently offers two Day Ahead auctions for the market areas Austria and Germany, one at 10:15 as part of our independent Classic Auction and one at 12:00 as part of European Market Coupling. Because of the different auction times and innovative spread trading products, EXAA is the ideal starting point for optimising your trading profile and offers arbitrage opportunities between the different Day Ahead markets.

The uncomplicated access to our trading system can be done either via the web or via our Trading API.

  • Due to the early auction time at EXAA within the framework of its own 10:15 Auction, traders receive an important first price signal for the rest of the trading day. This price signal is particularly important for single hours, as these values are difficult to read on the OTC market. EXAA participants also receive an important indication of market developments for the traded block products through the first spot auction in Europe.

    The service we offer at a glance:


    • First spot price reference for the market areas Austria and Germany
    • Fully integrated and cross-product trading of quarter hours, hours and blocks
    • Extensive optimisation possibilities for your trading portfolio through unique spread products (Location Spread & Cross - Auction Spread)
    • Physical fulfilment of trades is possible in all German as well as in the Austrian control area


    Location Spread

    Since the price zone split between Austria and Germany in October 2018, the auction prices for the market areas Austria and Germany are calculated separately. The resulting price differences between the market areas result in trading opportunities for cross-border trading, which can be realised via our innovative Location Spread. The Location Spread thus enables the submission of bids on cross border price differences for the products base and peak and combines the liquidity of the otherwise separate 10:15 auctions for the market areas Austria and Germany.

    Cross - Auction Spread

    In addition to the Location Spread, EXAA offers the Cross - Auction Spread as a further option for comprehensive portfolio optimisation. With the Cross - Auction Spread it is possible to realise arbitrages for all blocks and hours between the trading profiles of the 10:15 auction and the 12:00 auction. Our trading participants benefit not only from reduced transaction fees, but also from a low capital investment based on an attractive calculation of trade limits.


    Trading with quarter hours


    Maintaining quarter - hour accuracy in the procurement and utilisation of power generation is a significant issue in the energy industry.

    Quarter - hour deviations due to hourly averaging not only cause high balancing energy costs, but also endanger grid stability.

    EXAA has therefore been successfully offering its trading participants integrated trading in quarter - hourly products in the Day-Ahead spot market since 3 September 2014.

    • Day-Ahead market place for Austrian and German hydro power
    • Plants registered by sellers are published on the website beforehand
    • Coupled delivery of Guarantees of Origin (EECS standard) and physical power
    • Guarantees of Origin from EXAA Green Power are a perfect sales instrument when it comes to fuel mix disclosure
    • In case orders cannot be executed, they can optionally and automatically be transferred into the grey power spot auction


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  • Since 2 July 2019, EXAA has also enabled its members to participate in the pan-European Day Ahead Auction as part of Single Day Ahead Coupling (SDAC).


    The service we offer at a glance:


    • Physical fulfilment of trades is possible in all German as well as in the Austrian control area
    • Possibility of physical fulfilment of futures contracts
    • Efficient security management through innovative calculation of the trade limit on the basis of the auction prices from the 10:15 Auction
    • Optimisation strategies based on the price differences between the 10:15 Auction and the 12:00 Market Coupling Auction can only be implemented with a membership (Cross - Auction Spread)

Product specification


To enable trading participants to cover their daily demand profile in the best possible way, all 24 individual hours, 96 quarter hours of the respective delivery day and 15 different blocks are defined as individual trading products within the 10:15 Auction. The entry of block bids enables a higher degree of security with regard to uninterrupted trading for several hours.

Within the 12:00 Auction, all 24 individual hours of the respective delivery day and 15 blocks (analogous to the 10:15 auction) are tradable.

The minimum trading quantity is 0.1 megawatt hours. In addition, the quantities can be traded in 0.1 MWh steps. The prices are always entered with 2 decimal places in EUR, which means that the smallest price change is 0.01 EUR/MWh.



EXAA maintains balancing groups in a total of five control areas in Germany and Austria, in which exchange transactions can also be concluded.


Your design options on the EXAA spot market

In order to make the best possible use of your membership in the EXAA spot market, we offer you various design options.

These are expressed in various roles that you can assume in the course of your daily trading on EXAA:

  • Market Maker
  • Liquitidy Provider
  • Sponsorship

We will be happy to discuss your options for using your membership of the EXAA spot market even more efficiently in an individual meeting.

If you have any questions regarding trading at EXAA, please do not hesitate to contact the EXAA Market Operations staff!
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