About the company

Our mission statement


As a power exchange, we offer all market participants neutral and nondiscriminatory access, and guarantee fair price discovery in line with market practices.
We focus our work to respond to the interests and needs of our clients. Our customer support and service policy is the foundation of our business success. We offer simple and user-friendly solutions and an appealing pricing structure. This is how we win and solidify the trust of our customers. Thanks to our experienced employees, we master new challenges flexibly and efficiently.
As a competence center and knowledge transfer agent, we provide our know-how on the energy market through training courses and consulting projects. In this manner, we contribute to raising awareness among all stakeholders in the energy industry.


We are Austria's leading energy exchange with numerous domestic and international customers and a cross-border product portfolio. Our aim is to be an attractive partner for all actors in the European power market and continuously acquire new lines of business to maintain sustainable growth.
We achieve this by striving to recognize and exploit innovation potential and by developing solutions that meet the changing demands of the energy markets. We are an innovating force in the market for green power products and our goal is to become the market leader.


How we treat each other

We conduct an open and equal dialogue with each other and are always open to criticism and new ideas. We rely on team work, because together we are stronger than any individual. Motivated, qualified and satisfied employees are our greatest assets.


How we treat our customers

Personal support, user-friendliness, transparency and flexibility are the key pillars of our services. We keep our focus on the essentials and tackle new challenges of the energy markets hands-on and with common sense. Being constantly on the lookout for improving our business processes allows us to identify innovation potential faster than others.


How we treat our partners

We treat our partners with respect and always communicate on equal footing. Apart from our new training program and consulting projects, we are also engaged in regulatory and policy initiatives, and maintain a constant dialogue with all stakeholders. We strive to preserve our independence and integrity as a neutral trading platform at all times. We believe in free, efficient and transparent energy markets and play a major role in shaping these markets.


How we treat the environment

We keep our company’s ecological footprint as small as possible. As a service company, our workflows do not require any significant input of raw materials or energy. However, we have implemented specific measures for the procurement and employee mobility that enables us to reduce our ecological footprint even further. Our greatest leverage lies in the development of products and services that have a positive impact on the environment. We consider the pursuit of this effort as one of our core responsibilities.

Shareholders and Supervisory Board

Shareholders of EXAA

Company Share
APCS Power Clearing and Settlement AG 34,55%
Wiener Börse AG (WBAG) 25,12%
Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) 8,06%
"smart technologies" Management Beratungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH 8,06%
VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH 3,04%
KELAG-Kärtner Elektrizitäts AG 3,04%
Energie Steiermark Business GmbH 3,04%
TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG 3,04%
illwerke vkw AG 3,04%
Energie Graz GmbH & Co KG 2,98%
OMV Gas Logistics Holding GmbH 2,98%


Supervisory Board Members

Name Function
Dipl. Ing. Hansjörg Tengg Chairperson
Dr. Christoph Boschan Vice Chairperson
Mag. Manfred Knabl Vice Chairperson
Wolfgang Aubrunner Member of the Supervisory Board
DI Philip Rodemeyer Member of the Supervisory Board
Thomas Rainer, MA Member of the Supervisory Board
MMag. Josef Holzer Member of the Supervisory Board
Dipl. Ing. Franz Keuschnig; MBA Member of the Supervisory Board
Dipl.-Ing. Edgar Röck Member of the Supervisory Board
Mag. Peter Oswald Member of the Supervisory Board
Mag.(FH) Raphael Proksch Member of the Supervisory Board

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Brochure 2023

EXAA annual reports

As we are a Nemo member, EXAA annual reports can only be provided upon request.

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