New Product: Cross-Auction Spread („Time Spread“)

With today's trading day, EXAA introduces the "Cross-Auction Spread" (Time Spread), a new trading product, allowing to realize arbitrage between the EXAA 10:15 and 12:00 MC auction profiles with reduced collateral requirements:


  • Trade EXAA 10:15 profiles against 12:00 Market Coupling profiles, saving up to 85% on yourposition limits
  • Profit from reduced transaction fees (only 0,0425 EUR/MWh/leg, all inclusive)
  • Available for single hours and blocks
  • Automatic position transfer for 10:15 position close-out in the 12:00 MC auction


New structure improvements in our Trading system:

  • Clear distinction between the 2 auctions „EXAA 10:15 Classic“ and „12:00 MC“
  • Sub menues with Bid Editors, Trade Results and –for the12:00 MC auction–MC Collateral Usage Forecast
  • New Hour and Block Editors + Position Checks for the now available Cross-Auction Spread („Time-Spread“)


If you need assistance or have any questions about or interest in the new Cross-Auction Spread, please feel free to contact us anytime!
+43 1 253 72 72 -90

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