Successful launch of our 10:15 Auction in the Netherlands!

We are thrilled to announce the successful Go Live of our 10:15 auction in the Netherlands, a significant milestone in our expansion across Europe. This launch marks the beginning of a new era for traders in the region, offering access to our state-of-the-art portfolio management solutions.


Why This Matters

Our entry into the Netherlands is more than just an expansion—it's a commitment to providing our clients with the most advanced tools for trading and portfolio management. Our comprehensive product offerings are designed to meet diverse trading needs, empowering traders with more control and better opportunities in their trading strategies.


What's Coming Next

Looking ahead, we're excited about our upcoming launches:

  • Late Summer 2024: Our services will extend to France and Belgium with the same level of expertise and innovation in our 10:15 auctions.
  • Q1 2025: The introduction of the 12:00 market coupling auction at EXAA, which promises to optimize trading strategies with our innovative spread products.


Join Us On This Exciting Journey

We are committed to enhancing your trading experience and broadening your access to key European markets. Our team is continuously working to bring you the most reliable and efficient trading solutions.


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Thank you for your trust and partnership as we continue to grow and enhance our services. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to harness the full potential of the European energy markets with us!

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